Water when and where
you need it

The Handy Hydrant is an easy to use,
portable watering system.

Meet Brian

The owner and developer of the Handy Hydrant
watering system that is used in agriculture,
industry and commercial settings.

Save precious time
and manpower

No more portable pools. The Handy Hydrant
is effective and easy to use.

What is a minute worth?

When the outcome of a fire can be determined by a matter of seconds, setting up firefighting equipment has to happen quickly and efficiently. The sooner a crew can start putting out a fire, the better the result.

The Handy Hydrant is a sturdy but pliable accordion-like tube that holds up to 2,000 gallons of water, depending on the model. It can be transported into awkward spaces that traditional firetrucks may have difficulty traversing and handled with minimal manpower — two issues that continue to plague fire departments around the world.

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Quick and easy setup and cleanup for a single person

Used for applications like oil separation, dyking and more

No blocking roadways and can fit almost anywhere

Easy to fill and place, drain and store

Adaptable to all fire apparatus

Stabilizes volume and capacity underground


See what customers are saying about Handy Hydrant.

The Handy Hydrant is very easy to transport and handle. For instance, if we have rural areas to go. It comes with a pack so the other fellow can take the pump and hoses and you can pack it into the bush... it is very easy to setup and adapts to the uneven grounds.

The Handy Hydrant gives us up to 2,000 gallons of water at once which is awesome when you are out in the farm communities fighting fires.

I believe other firefighters should use this device due to the fact that the majority of fire departments are volunteer departments, so having a very small amount of people respond is a huge factor. This is very easy to use, it's small, so a few amount of people could use it very effectively.

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