About Handy Hydrant

When fighting fires out of the reach of traditional hydrants, firefighters have been forced to spend precious time and manpower filling portable pools. That is until now. The Handy Hydrant revolutionizes the way fires are fought in rural areas. What started off as a solution for fire departments is now impacting industry and agriculture too. Read on to learn about all of the uses for the Handy Hydrant.

Designed for Portability

This is a game changer for many industries.


When in rural areas, out of reach of a conventional fire hydrant, the Handy Hydrant is just the right tool firefighters need to extinguish the flames. Its portability means you can fight fires anywhere and its easy set-up and clean-up will save you precious manpower.

Commercial & Industrial

Bring water with you to any job site with the Handy Hydrant. It can easily fit into the back of a truck or trailer, saving you the expense of a water tanker. Uses include road construction, packing, dust control, mining, concrete and aggregate mixing, agriculture, irrigation, garden watering, stream dyking, fluid testing, reclamation, oil separation, and dewatering.


The Handy Hydrant can fit in the bed of your truck or on a trailer, allowing you the flexibility of being able to bring water out to your fields without an expensive piped irrigation system. We also offer many accessories making the Handy Hydrant a farmer’s best friend.

Media Features

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Talk about your brand

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